Maternity Song                                                                  Jim Mohr

   Intro: C G C G C G D  C G C G C G D

G                                                                  C                                   G
Me and my wife made a run for our lives down to the maternity ward
C                                                   G                                           A7                                   D
She was thinking maybe it was time to have the baby, so I packed 'em both in the Ford
                G                                                                             C                  G
We went screaming down the street in our stocking feet doin' 'bout 110
        C                                       G                                               A7                     D
I got stopped by a cop, I said Pop, she's gonna drop if you don't escort us in


          C                                                                G
And I know how every frightened father feels, when it's his turn to jump behind the wheel
     A7                                                                        D
It's ten times harder than the Indy race to have a woman in labor screamin' in your face
        C                                                                                                 G
And if your luck is with you, everything goes all right, you've got 18 years to pay for one night
        A7                                                                   D
And if that doesn't wipe you out financially, you might be blessed by two or three

   Interim chords: C G C G C G D  C G C G C G D

                  G                                                                                            C                                G
So let this story be a warning if you wake up in the morning from a dream that's got you hot
                C                                              G                            A7                         D
Well you better think twice before you say how nice your baby looks in the gown you bought
G                                                                                                 C                                                 G
Nine months later, just as sure as growin' taters, there'll be something where there wasn't before
                          C                                               G                                         A7                                  D
And keep your head on straight, 'cause your baby can't wait when she says it's time to hit the door

(to chorus)

Outro: C G C G C G D  C G C G C G D  GGG