Mad Man                                                      Jim Mohr

         Em                                                      D
They say he killed the Kennedy's, did he try to kill the Pope
      C                                                                          B7       C           B7
He made an attempt at the president's life, is he always high on dope
Em                                            D
They say he was born a killer, cause killers are never raised
         C                                                        B7        C     B7
They got off a couple rounds at him, but he was only grazed

Em                                            D
He's your next door neighbor, he's the guy at work
C                                                     B7          C     B7
He could be the smartest one or he could be a jerk
Em                                     D
He could be a millionaire, he could be flat broke
C                                                             B7       C       B7
He could be the life of the party or the butt of every joke


            Em                           D
He's a madman, and he's always on the run
            C                     B7          C               B7
He's a madman, and when he points his gun
                 Em              D
You're the victim, and even if you're not there
                 C                B7           C          B7                  Em
You're the victim of a man that doesn't care - He's a madman

                    Em                                          D
So if you're sittin' at a stoplight, and you hear a stranger's horn
C                                                  B7            C                  B7
Try not to be angry, 'cause you know that you've been warned
        Em                                                         D
And one need not provoke him when he's in a killing rage
        C                                    B7      C         B7
He'll measure your integrity with a twenty gage

  Em                                                D
If you can feel him sneakin' sometimes inside your soul
           C                                          B7     C        B7
You're only giving him credit and credit is his goal
      Em                                                  D
He wants to make the headlines, so everyone can see
              C                                                            B7      C             B7
But he's pissed off when the good part is continued on page three

  (to chorus)

  (to chorus)