The Hundredth Time                                       © James Mohr

IntroG D Bm C Cm

                  G                                          D
I thought I knew you, I really thought I knew you
  Am                                                                     C                            Cm
I thought the things you said, came from your heart and not your head
              G                                       D
It took a long time, it really took a long time
      Am                          C                       Cm
For me to realize, you cut me down to size

                    G               D        Em                G             D     Bm  C  Cm
And for the Hundredth time, I lost my mind, I could not see  at    all.
                    G               D        Em       C                 G                 D      Bm  C    Cm
And for the Hundredth time, I lost my mind, and I canít break down that wall

                    G                                       D
Now youíre long gone, I mean youíre long gone
                 Am                                                 C                 Cm
When I began to understand the things you needed in a man
          G                     D
And if I tried, even if I tried
   Am                                               C                   Cm    
I canít make you return to see the things I have learned

(To Chorus)

(Instrumental) G D Am C Cm G D Am C Cm

(To Chorus)

                  G              D      Bm  C  Cm G
(Tag) And you donít care  at    all