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My name is Jim Mohr. I am a singer / songwriter (with emphasis on songwriter).This is my legacy. It is what I am and how I would like to be known. I am just a normal guy wanting to be heard.

  I recently met Nashville based, but world famous musician Billy Davis. Billy and his brother Chip have been on hundreds of popular recordings and they have Blessed me by recording demo's of a few of my songs - If you want to record any of my songs, please contact me at racketclub@hotmail.com

     I have 7 CD's recorded and am still writing music. I appreciate you taking the time to listen to the music. Please listen to the chord structure and the words. I play all the instruments (with a guest now and then) and my wife (of 30 years) Suzanne sings harmony.   Contact me at racketclub@hotmail.com.  YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@jimmohr 

    This is the album "I'm Me". Recorded at Tony Godsey's TGR Studio in Napoleon Ohio. I owe the world to Tony for taking on this project. The 6 albums below were all recorded by me in the back bedroom on a Fostex digital recorder. I used to write a song and record all the parts and finish it before I moved on to a new song. This is my first experience at knocking out 15 songs at the same time. God Bless Tony for all the remixes.

Video with lyrics to the song "I'm Me"  CLICK HERE