Put It In A Song                                    Jim Mohr

(intro) G D C Cmaj9 Am Am7 D C > G


G                                   D
Totally immersed in a Sunday afternoon
        C                   Cmaj9          Am              Am7 D
The sun is fading fast and it's ending way too soon
G                                    D
How can I capture that feeling inside
C                      Cmaj9                  Am               Am7 D
When I know tomorrow, that the feeling may have died
                         C          C            Cmaj9  > G
...and that's all wrong - I think I'll put it in a song

(instrumentalG D C Cmaj9 Am Am7 D

G                                  D
I grab my guitar and I fumble for a chord
C                           Cmaj9           Am           Am7 D
No, that's not the right one, the audience is bored
        G                                      D
The evening sun flickers as I stumble on a G
        C                  Cmaj9                   Am     Am7 D
The music's overwhelming and it's taking over me
                  C          C           Cmaj9  > G
...it wasn't long - I think I put it in a song

(long instrumentalG D C Cmaj9 Am Am7 D C > G

G                                               D
It was a song that helped you learn your ABC's
C                       Cmaj9                      Am                   Am7 D
And that one in high school, well it brought you to your knees
G                                                      D
And there's the song you used to sing in your old car
C               Cmaj9                        Am                  Am7 D
Sittin' at a stoplight, you'd have thought you were a star
                 C        C                     Cmaj9  > G
...and all along - you would put it in a song

(instrumentalG D C Cmaj9 Am Am7 D

(repeat 1st verse with "I think I" in last line)

(outro)  G D C Cmaj9 Am Am7 D C > G