I Still Love You Anyway                                     Jim Mohr


(introG (using C and A note voicing)

Em      D                               G  Em            D                                G
I didn't write this song for you. It was just something I had to do.
C                                                      D       G                                      C
The words came out, I wrote 'em down. I was a passenger that day.
G              D                  G
  But I still love you anyway.

Em               D                                 G  Em     D                           G
Through the years, I've come to see. It just wasn't meant to be.
C                            D       G                                           C
I like having you around, but I'm not begging you to stay.
G              D                  G
  But I still love you anyway.

C                          D         G          C
When love goes wrong, I turn to song.
                  G      D                G
(and sing) I still love you anyway.

(instrumental is same as verse chords)

Em                    D                                  G Em       D                                      G
Your bags are packed and by the door. It's the end, there's nothing more.
C                                       D       G                                      C
It's a new life that you've found, I guess it's better not to say.
G        D                 G
   I still love you anyway.