Island In The Sun (I had a love)                               Jim Mohr

capo 2
Asus4 Dmaj7 B9 Esus4 A7

 (intro)   A (Asus4) A  F#m (Dmaj7) F#m  B7 (B9) B7  E (Esus4) E

               A        Asus4  A               F#m        Dmaj7   F#m
I had an island in the sun, I had a love, she was the one
            B7   B9          B7            E          Esus4  E
I never had so much fun, then I threw it all away

          A        Asus4  A                        F#m         Dmaj7  F#m
I was bad, I did her wrong, I put the sad in our happy song
                          B7          B9         B7           E              Esus4  E
She called her dad and said so long, and she's still gone today

       D                       E
The last thing that I wanted to do
             A                 A7                          F#m
Was to come right out and break her heart in two
            D                                       E
I had a love (had a love) I had a love

(instrumental)   A (Asus4) A  F#m (Dmaj7) F#m  B7 (B9) B7  E (Esus4) E

                   A     Asus4  A                          F#m        Dmaj7   F#m
I's watchin' ball in the cave, She's at the mall, she said behave
                     B7                                       B9            B7               E             Esus4         E
I must have drank a case of beer with my friend Dave, and I think we trashed the place

                       A             Asus4  A                       F#m    Dmaj7  F#m
What I would see as a minor flaw, Seemed to be the final straw
                             B7          B9  B7         E      Esus4     E
You should have seen, as I recall, that look upon her face.


(instrumental)   A (Asus4) A  F#m (Dmaj7) F#m  B7 (B9) B7  E (Esus4) E


(repeat 1st verse slow on last line)

(chorus with "had a love" line repeated)

(outro)   A (Asus4) A  F#m (Dmaj7) F#m  B7 (B9) B7  E (Esus4) E