I'm Me                                     Jim Mohr

(This is just  A  F#m  D  E  through the whole song)

I'm not too good at Facebook, my phone isn't smart

I can't use my hands to make a pretty little heart

I drive the speed limit, I wear my old clothes

I don't like to go where other people go

I could probly use a haircut and lose a couple pounds

But I'll be at the range poppin' off a couple rounds

My beer tastes like beer, I like burgers on the grill

For 27 years, I've been workin' at the mill

My truck's a 93, my house a 54

I'm married to my best friend, who could ask for more


I'm me... I'm free to do what I want to do

I'm me... I don't really care if it pleases you, I'm me

I could spend the day, just me and my dog

With a fishin' pole, sittin' on a log

I change my own oil, I do my own brakes

I get the job done, 'cuz I do what it takes

I never was a dancer, that's why I play guitar

But I think country music's gone a little too far

Don't look too far ahead, or ponder yesterday

I don't get excited 'bout what other folks say

(to chorus)