Enemies                   Jim Mohr
(capo 2)  (3/4 time) (intro) D C G D C G

    D                              C                        G
A voice like an angel backed up by a choir
     D                                   C                G
To hide all the anger and put out the fire
      D                                   C                  G
He said he was doing the best that he can
              D                                                C                  G     D C G D C G
But she turned to her music when she needed her man

          D                                                C                     G
If she had 2 more fingers she could count beyond ten
        D                                      C        G
The number of times that he did it again
        D                                       C                 G
She talked about leaving but she always stayed.
    D                                               C                         G
Ignoring their problems and the games that they played

Em                                     Em6
Sometimes they whisper under their breath
              C                                        A7
So they won't say something that they will regret
              D    G       D    G         Em                                  A7     D C G D C G
And be Enemies, Enemies - don't say you're going away

         D                                             C                     G
They tried and they tried but they couldn't talk it out
                   D                                C                  G
They have different opinions of what life's about
D                                             C                     G
More and more distant with each passing day.
              D                                                  C              G     D C G D C G
There's no need to argue when there's nothing to say

D                                             C          G
Got to move forward what's done is done
   D                                       C                G
In hindsight it's obvious he wasn't the one
   D                            C               G
It might not be over, I could be wrong
              D                                      C           G
There's room for more verses in my little song...but

(to chorus)