Maternal Supervision                               Jim Mohr

Intro: D D D G A D  D D G A D

                 D                                                                                        A
You keep thinning down my whisky so I don't get as drunk as before
                      A                                                                                        D
And you buy me bigger shoes so I don't fall when I stumble out the door
G                                           D
You pull down the shades, when I act a fool
  A                                               D
I try to go swimming, there's a cover on the pool
G                            D                    Bm
I owe it to you that I made it this far
                   A                                                                                D
Could you do me one more favor, could you drop me at the bar

Interim chords: D D D G A D D D G A D

          D                                                                                             A
Well I thought I'd buy a Harley but we settled on a 2 ton pickup truck
          A                                                                                                               D
And I always liked skydiving but you said with horseshoes I'd have better luck
         G                                      D
I had Nascar aspirations, but now I stay at home
        A                                           D
The corners of the furniture are padded now with foam
G                                             D                      Bm
I need you to help me make just one more decision
A                                                                      D
Can I light the stove without maternal supervision

Interim chords: D D D G A D D D G A D

  D                                                                                       A
I find it hard to swallow unless I have you cuttin' up my steak
                         A                                                                                   D
And could you spit on a kleenex and wipe that spot of A-1 off my face
       G                                           D
You shovel off the drive, 'cause it's bad for my heart
        A                                      D
You hook the jumper cables when my truck won't start
      G                                        D                          Bm
My dislocated shoulder, you yanked 'til it was set
                A                                                                         D
If there's something you can't do, well I haven't found it yet

(repeat verse #1)