I Gotta Work In The Morning                                                Jim Mohr

               Am                                                        Dm
Well his blood was boiling shotgun red as he burst into the bar
E                                                                          Am
He said I'm looking for one certain man, and you know who you are
Seems my lady, she ain't been home at night
And there's rumors that she's been here
E                                                                    E7
The bar room then grew deathly quiet, so everyone could hear
              Am                                                     Dm
He said I ain't here to start no trouble, but I want to get one thing straight
              E                                                                                           E7
If you're staying out with my baby tonight, don't keep her out so late

                         A                 D                         E                      A
'Cause I gotta work in the morning and I'm feeling mighty tired
               D                                    A                                      B7                                E    E7
And you wake me up when you bring her home and I'm afraid that I might get fired
A                        A7                                  D                                   B7
I've been late 5 times this week, once more and they say I'm through
                     A                              D                    E                             A        Am
So if you're staying out with my baby tonight, have her home by 2

               Am                                                  Dm
Then he turned and pulled up a stool and ordered a Jim Beam
E                                                                           Am
And I was thinking what a fool he was to let a stranger steal his dream
       Am                                                                Dm
But he just sat and stared at his wife, and the man there at her side
E                                                                        E7
And when he walked on up to them, I could see his bloodshot eyes
              Am                                              Dm
He said I could probly kick your ass or chase you out of state
                    E                                                                                           E7
So if you're staying out with my baby tonight, don't keep her out so late

(to chorus)