Crazy Collector                                 Jim Mohr

Starts with G lick notes: (open)G D E D B G(on E string)

Note: This song actually starts out with the chorus

                C                                     G
I've got a one wheel horse and a 6 dollar bill
        C                                                  G                        D
I got things you aint never seen and probably never will
      G                                                              C
I've collected them and cared for them for 27 years
           G                                             D
All the things that I found out in my yard
          G                                               C
Well I put them all in a little box and labeled them unique
                 G                   D               G
And each item has it's own index card

        C                                             G
I get up every morning just about eleven
       C                                                     D
Put on my robe and I take a walk out back
        G                                              C
And examine the menagerie that some kind soul has left for me
          G                    D             G 
And I put them in a neat little stack

(repeat chorus)

Instrumental: C  G  C  G D G  C  G  D G

C                                                   G
I guess someday soon I should open a museum
      G                                                D
So everyone can see what I've obtained
                   G                                        C
They might think it's a little dumb, 21 kinds of chewing gum
              G                     D                                 G
Electric mice that can sing "On The Road Again"

(repeat chorus)

                 G                   D               G 
Yea each item has it's own index card