1, 2, 3, She's Gone                                                      Jim Mohr

  E                                                                      A
I woke up Wednesday morning, I wiped the sleep from my eyes
B7                                     E           A           E         
Then when I rolled over, much to my surprise
           E                                                         A
There was a slight depression where my wife used to be
            B7                                  E   A        E
And a note on the pillow said adios, I'm free

          E                                            A
Well I sat and thought it over 'fore I got out of bed
B7                                               E       A             E 
I'm sure there was something, that I should've said
       E                                          A
But I'm not one for cryin', or admittin' when I'm wrong
                 B7                               E      A           E
But she's tired of my lying, and 1, 2, 3, she's gone

She's been gone once, and she's been gone twice
         E                                                                                         E7
If the third time's charm, I'd sell the farm for a small bit of advice
I'm counting the days and I'd surely change my ways
   E                                  A                                     B7
If she'd come back, I'd get the knack of how to honor and obey

                        E                                                                             A
So when she wakes up Wednesday morning, and wipes the sleep from her eyes
B7                                                 E         A          E 
Then when she rolls over, she'll be the one surprised
    E                                                             A
I'll be the man she dreams of, leave the leavin' days behind
               B7                                  E      A           E
And the note on the pillow says 1, 2, 3, she's mine

(to chorus)

                    E  A  B7  E A E   E  A  B7  E A E   E  A  B7  E A E
 Outro: hey hey